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I have been taking photographs since 1964 (yeah I know) and oaccasionally you get a special shot, something that captures the imagination or illustrates the occasion.  I have looked through the 100,000 plus images I have taken over the years ( yeah I know) and selected a few that I like, I hope you do too!  I try to change this every-so-often to keep you coming back, so please do do. 


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Arizona-Sonora Desert Musuem

Black and White

This Black and White image was taken by Chris Hefferen with my Fuji X-T3 while I was composing on my Nikon D810 with a Tamaron 150-600mm lens, just in case you were wondering.


A veritable cornucopia of colors is just a click away


Journalistic Style

Freeform style of photography, just expressing my creative juices across a wide aray of subjects.



Living Creatures

Large and small, I love them all and to occasionally get the chance to photograph them, what a treat.



Restoration Projects

Craig and Art Metz

It was back in 1964 that my grandfather Art gave me my first camera.  Since then, I have taken over 100,000 images and I am still practicing with the shutter button.

Some of those very first photos were of my thumb or forefinger but I learned though practice and perseverance. I eventually setup my own darkroom to process film and color slides and to print black and white photos.  Much of my restoration work today is my own photography that has been preserved in archival sleaves, never to be seen or printed until now.


Currently, I shoot digital images using several cameras including the Nikon D810, Fujifilm x-t3, Sony RX100 V and yes, my cell the Samsung Galaxy 8+ and do post-production with a Wacom Cintiq connected to a very fast homemade computer using Lightroom and Photoshop.


I have always been thankful for those individuals who care enough to encourage someone to step out, learn something new and to explore their creative boundaries. So a special thanks to my dad's dad for this inspiration and the means to get a great hobby started.


For more on restoration, just click the photo to the left.

What's New?

Booth Western Art Museum

U.S. Space & Rocket Center

Barber Motorsport Museum

Fireworks at Lake Blue Ridge

The views were spectacular in Tennessee looking over the Taccoa/Ocoee River!

Time to click for the sky and the leafs, they were incredible in 2018.

The Florida Panhandle! Click the image for more.


"Wheels Through Time in Maggie Valley, NC! Click the image for more.

Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, CA. Just click the image for more.

Thank you very much for taking the time to look at my website. It is an expression of my creativity and interest in photography.


While it is not my intent to sell images, if you see something that strikes your fancy contact me and we can discuss your use. I do copyright my work and ask that you do not clip or use it without written permission.


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