Fireworks at Lake Blue Ridge

The anticipation was palpable and the mood festive.  The location was scouted in advance and was deemed perfect.  The tripods were carefully placed and Chris and I had five cameras between us - surely, we would get a shot worth viewing. Well the best laid plans were all for nought.  Apparently, the guys in charge of lighting the fireworks had a diferrant trajectory in mind.  That is when the scurrying began.  We traversed the undulating parking lot for a better angle in the dark, carring camera's on tripods and hoping for the best.

These final minutes of the firework show were captured on video using a Fuji xt-3 shooting at 4K at 30fpm.

The still images were taken with a Nikon D810 and a Tamaron 15-30mm wide angle zoom lens at 30mm.  Most exposures were taken at 1/2 sec, f2.8 at 1600 ISO. 

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Fireworks at Lake Blue Ridge

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Time to click for the sky and the leafs, they were incredible in 2018.

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