The Amazing Ocoee

It was 4:00 AM on a chilly, no make that cold November morning and Chris Hefferen and I were ladened down with cameras, cases, tripods and lenses.  We were travelling into the mountains of Tennessee, the Taccoa/Ocoee River Valley Overlook to be specific and with great anticipation for a glorious sunrise. 


It was dark and the fog was thick but no traffic to speak of until we turned off the highway to take the twisty ride up the side of the mountian.  That is when I noticed that I was being tail-gated all the way to the Overlook - what the heck it's not even 6:00 AM.  Well as it turned out, it was a wedding photographer with her betrothed in tow trying to catch the light as well.

Was the sunrise glorious - well look and see for yourself.  The silouette photo of me was taken by Chis Hefferen and if you would like to see more of his amazing photography click here for his website.

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The views were spectacular in Tennessee looking over the Taccoa/Ocoee River!

Time to click for the sky and the leafs, they were incredible in 2018.

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